Nonprofit email marketing? EmailOctopus makes a great alternative

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If you’re a nonprofit or advocacy organization, then you need to reach as many people as possible. An email management service can make your life a whole lot easier, and ensure that you can send out emails to reach thousands of people at a time instead of having to do things the old-fashioned way through your Gmail or Yahoo by painstakingly adding people to your list one at a time.

Leading mailing list management services like MailChimp have made large-scale adjustments to their pricing, which has put it out of reach of many nonprofit organizations and companies who just can’t afford it.

EmailOctopus offers an alternative email marketing and mailing list management service that’s a perfect fit for nonprofit organizations and any company that wants to keep its costs lower.

If you’re a charity organization, you need an email service that allows for as much reach as possible without the need to pump your entire budget into promotion. You also need an email server that’s reliable and ensures your emails end up where they need to. Otherwise, what’s the point – especially as a nonprofit?

Here’s why nonprofit organizations and cost-lowering companies should consider signing up with EmailOctopus.

What is EmailOctopus?

EmailOctopus offers a mailing list management service worlds better than most of the comparative options on the market. Here’s more about what their service has to offer for organizations everywhere and why it’s better.

An Easy Interface

EmailOctopus allows you to get right to sending emails to your list of subscribers. There’s no need to download or install anything, there’s no need to read through a manual or enter any server details – and you don’t need a course in HTML or programming to understand how to use it and its powerful template tool.

EmailOctopus email marketing platform editor
The drag-and-drop email builder from EmailOctopus.

The EmailOctopus interface guarantees that it’s easy to use, and that you can add or remove subscribers from your list with just a few clicks instead of having to learn an entirely new process.

The Benefits of Using EmailOctopus

Why use EmailOctopus? Here are just some of the benefits that make it a much better service to use, especially if you’re a nonprofit organization in need of further and cheaper reach.

  • The free tier really is free.
  • Only $19 for all-access and a full email management list.
  • An easy-to-use and user-friendly sending interface.
  • No limit on the number of e-mails you’re able to send in a month.
  • Allows you to reach more people.
  • Reliable sending guaranteed.
  • Integrates with existing websites and workflows, such as Gravity Forms on WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify.

Spam Management

A lot of mailing list providers will have your messages end up in spam inboxes by default just because they’re sent from a server like MailChimp. This has the potential to be horribly damaging to your brand, especially if you’re a nonprofit organization in need of as much reach as possible.

EmailOctopus is far more careful and ensures that emails go where they’re supposed to.

Amazon Web Services-based

EmailOctopus uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers to do the sending. For you, this means that sending is always reliable – and there’s the guarantee of zero server downtime or lag. If you want to send out 1, 000 messages with just a click, it’s instant – and the server will let you know if any of the emails didn’t make it.

Deliverability Guaranteed

MailOctopus guarantees that your emails will be delivered to sender. If any of the emails aren’t, or any of the email addresses added to the list stop working, the server will let you know.

This already puts it a step above comparative mailing list management services that can leave you in the dark when it comes to which emails actually reached their destinations.

Easy Unsubscribing

Not everyone wants to receive emails from a mailing list, and if someone wants to opt-out of receiving emails from your organization, all they have to do with EmailOctopus is to click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Some email servers will make unsubscribing hard, and this can damage your brand when people start talking about it Sometimes they’ll even have your email address blacklisted. But with EmailOctopus, this will never happen to you.

Great Customer Service

If you have any questions, need to know how something works or have an issue that needs to be fixed, the MailOctopus customer support team is just a click or email away – and they’re happy to help. Many other email servers will keep you hanging for hours or days while you wait for technical support to get back to you.

Why EmailOctopus versus MailChimp?

There are many reasons why EmailOctopus is worlds better than other mailing list management services like MailChimp. If you’re a nonprofit organization or lower-cost company currently making use of a server like MailChimp or you don’t have a mailing list management service just yet, there’s good reason why you should consider switching to EmailOctopus instead.

EmailOctopus has a great free plan.

If you’re a nonprofit organization still in its early days, then you’ll want to keep costs as low as possible. Services like MailChimp do offer free plans, but their free plans are notorious for being limiting – you only get access to being able to send out so many messages at once, and their free plans can sometimes even limit you in terms of where your messages end up.

EmailOctopus offers a great free plan that doesn’t limit how many emails you get to send out. For early-stage nonprofit organizations, charities and lowered-cost startup companies, this is great.

Paid access doesn’t break your budget for full access and a larger list.

5,000 subscribers through MailChimp means that you have to buy their Essentials Plan at $49.99. Their free plan, which is the first choice for many nonprofit organizations out there who are trying to keep their budget as low as possible, limits the possible amount of subscribers and emails even more.

If you choose EmailOctopus instead, you have the ability to send an unlimited amount of emails – and it’s a whole lot cheaper even if you’re going for their paid plan, which costs you only $19 instead of the comparative $49.99 or more that other email services charge.

EmailOctopus is way more reliable.

EmailOctopus relies on Amazon Web Services to do the sending, which means that you have the guarantee of a reliable email server that ensures your emails reach the inboxes they’re supposed to. This is a guarantee that a lot of other email servers can’t offer you, and it can damage your brand.

EmailOctopus allows for unlimited emails across all their plans.

Many emails that are sent out from MailChimp go straight to spam because it’s sent from a mass e-mail server. You won’t have that problem when you sign up with EmailOctopus. They ensure that your emails go straight to inboxes, and they offer you unlimited emails even as part of their free plans.

EmailOctopus reports for non-profits

How can a nonprofit benefit from EmailOctopus?

If you’re a nonprofit organization, consider switching over to EmailOctopus for your mailing list management services.

A nonprofit organization has to keep its running costs as close to zero as possible because most of them rely on donations and contributions in order to cover their costs. Other email servers make you pay as much as $49.99 for their most basic plans, putting them far out of reach for most nonprofit organizations and charities who usually make use of their emails to gather reach and request donations as it is.

Using EmailOctopus, any nonprofit organization can keep costs low – and whether they pick the EmailOctopus Free or Basic plan, all their email administration and sending needs are covered.

  • The EmailOctopus FREE plan offers an unlimited amount of emails sent out per month to as much as 2,500 subscribers.
  • The EmailOctopus BASIC PAID plan can extend your reach a lot further to as much as 5, 000 subscribers at a time at only $19, which is a lot cheaper than compared plans out there.