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We welcome new voices on Nonprofits Decoded! Our publication is focused on helping nonprofits, and related organizations like foundations, charities and even churches, succeed digitally. Of course, that includes items like proper use of data and donor databases, but it also means having an empowered board of directors that’s ready to engage with potential donors.

To submit an article idea, please email or fill out the simple form below. You’re welcome to go ahead and submitted a ready for publication article (as long as it meets our editorial guidelines noted below) or you may first submit a pitch covering the topic your content would address.

Please note, we only publish original content on Nonprofits Decoded and we are unable to pay for submitted content.

Editorial Guidelines

Our Audience
Nonprofits Decoded is designed to help nonprofits and related entities that are doing good in their community. This includes staff and leadership of nonprofits, their board of directors, related institutions as well as other organizations focused on social responsibility.

Types of Content
Along with traditional articles, we’re always looking for:

  • Thought Leadership and Columns
  • Research
  • Case studies
  • Roundups
  • Best Practices / How-To Guides
  • Interviews

We cover a broad range of topics from organizational health and donor engagement to marketing and design. Look around our site and consider a topic that is relevant to our audience.


  • Word Count: 750 – 2,000 words
  • Include subheadings to break up content, or we will add subheadings
  • Bullet items were necessary to help with understanding
  • Include any relevant photos or screenshots, video is also welcome as long as it’s hosted on YouTube or Vimeo

Linking and Sources

  • Items such as statistics or data should include a source attribution link where possible
  • Links to relevant websites are permitted in the content
  • No more than 3 external links per article
  • Author biographies can include additional links to your company website or social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter

Please Note

  • Submitted content must meet our quality criteria to be eligible for posting. All post decisions are at the discretion of the Nonprofits Decoded editorial team.
  • Republishing or syndicating on platforms like Medium or Quartz is prohibited.
  • Content may be subsequently republished or repurposed on another website – such as a company blog – after a 2 week period as long as Nonprofits Decoded is cited as the original source with a link to the original article. A rel=canonical is also requested, when possible.
  • Nonprofits Decoded reserves the right to edit, change, or adapt your content to better fit our guidelines if they were not followed.

Questions? Ready to Submit? Please email or fill out the form below.

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  • Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.